Monday, July 2, 2012

L is for Loves...and F is for Fears

I failed already at that 10 Day You I'll make up for it by doing Days 2 and 3 in one post.
9 Loves
1) God. With everything I have.
2) My husband, Josh. He is a rock, works ridiculously hard at work (and comes home to work even more most days), and is a Godly man who seeks after the Lord. He's also a loving father who cares deeply for his family and friends.
3) My family...every single one of those crazies! Just kidding, they're not that crazy.
4) My friends.
5) Laughing.
6) The Pacific Northwest.
7) Reading
8) The Olympics...I've been obsessed with the trials these last few weeks. Can't wait for the actual Games to start!
9) Home projects with Josh. I first discovered that I loved remodeling projects when Josh asked me to help him on a couple side jobs he was doing for friends. He taught me to demo, drywall, tile, and all about different tools. I've learned more about plumbing than most 27 year old women will probably ever know in their lifetimes. He and I work ridiculously well together on house projects, and we're so excited to finally have our own house to do projects on. Your own projects are much more fun than others' projects!

8 Fears
1) Being alone. Not alone for a day, but alone for a lifetime.
2) Spiders. I don't know if this is necessarily a fear, but I really really really hate spiders. And I don't usually use the word "hate" because it's a nasty word that's used too much.
3) The dark. Yes, I'm afraid of the dark.
4) Rejection.
5) Losing loved ones.
6) Failing at teaching.
7) Scary movies.
8) Never really knowing myself.


Tabitha Mahoney said...

I have most of your fears. Twinners.

Love you

Amy said...

Haha! Samesies!