Saturday, June 30, 2012

S is for Secrets

Not too long ago, I ran across the Christian wife life blog. I think this blogger, Ashley, is hilarious, inspiring, relate-able, and has some good wisdom. One of her blogs a long long time ago was the 10 Day You Challenge. I'm attempting to do this challenge because I think it would be fun and I might learn a little bit more about myself in the process.

So, here's Day 1 (or Day 10...?)

10 Secrets
1) I wish I was a dancer. I'd go on So You Think You Can Dance.
2) My worst subject in school is History/Social Studies. Funny that as an elementary school teacher, I know have to teach it. I learn about it along with the kids.
3) I love storage containers. I look in the storage container isles, and covet all of it.
4) Josh thinks I'm a good cook, but really, all I do is follow recipes to a T.
5) I hate it when adults wear Disney attire. And adults should never were SpongeBob attire either.
6) I try to seek after the Lord in everything, but it's really difficult, and I often fail
7) When I read, I get so caught up in the stories that I forget I'm not a character in them. Only sometimes. Or a lot.
8) I get motion sickness on swings. Like regular swings on playgrounds that go back and forth.
9) When I have to kill a spider by myself, I think I might vomit.
10) I don't have a hobby. Recently I was asked what I do for fun for myself, and I didn't have an answer. I have no idea what I truly love doing and can't live without. I'm working on figuring that out though.

I guess some of these are more secretive than others, and probably all of my readers (all 4 of them) probably already know all of my "secrets."

Check back tomorrow for 9 loves...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

T is for Tent

After perusing through my old blog posts, I noticed that I failed to give the story of finding our monster of a tent, which I promised in C is for Camping.

Last summer (2011), Josh and I were in desperate need of a tent. We were determined to not have to borrow any camping gear for Family Camp, so we researched the crap out of any and all camping gear to find the best deals possible. The only thing we veered from our research on was The Tent. Once you read the story, you'll understand why The Tent has a capital "T."

We don't go to Cabela's often because it is a little spendy for our budget, plus it's not super close to where we live. But, the weekend we went up to Seattle for Josh's graduation* we stopped at Cabela's on the way home. At Cabela's, they have a "Bargain Room" which contains returned items, display items, clearance items, etc. We though to ourselves "Hmm, maybe there'll be a good deal on a tent!" Believe me, there was a good deal on a Tent. We found one that was rolled up and held together with packing tape. Sounds kind of ghetto, but the tag said there were no rips or tears and that the poles were all there. We wanted to know what the Tent looked like, so we asked one of the workers if she could look it up online for us. The tent she looked up (based on the number on the tag) was a pretty decent sized tent, that normally costs about $180. So for $80, we figured it was a great deal, and bought it. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of that tent she showed us now...

The next day we were at my parents' house celebrating Father's Day. They have a big backyard, the Tent was still in our trunk, and we decided to try setting it up so we weren't surprised when we took it camping. We also wanted to see the actual size and show off our amazing deal to my family. To our surprise, the Tent looked HUGE when we layed it out in the grass. My older brother, Preston, was laughing about how big it was and was telling us he didn't think our Tent was the one we thought.

I should have believed Preston.

I was convinced he was wrong...until we got it put up. That thing is 14 feet by 14 feet, and so tall that my 6'3" husband can't even reach the top when he stands reaching as high as he can. Here's the Tent on the Cabela's site. If you can't tell by the pictures how big it really is, here is a picture of the three of us standing inside. Together.

Josh and Lily showing it off:

I'm almost a little embarrassed at how big it is:

Sorry I doubted you, Preston.

And if you looked at it on the Cabela's site, you'll notice the Tent is normally $239.99. I'd say we got a pretty darn good deal on that Tent, although for as long as we have the Tent, we'll have to make sure that we have a camping site sufficient enough to fit the big blue monster.

We were able to put a queen sized air mattress, a full sized air mattress, and 3 duffel bags...with plenty of room to spare. If it had rained, we would have been able to put our camp chairs in there, too, and play some games or something. Or, if we had more people, we probably could have fit at least another queen size air mattress in there too.

Now do you understand why we got the comments on the size of our tent?

*Josh's graduation was way cooler than mine. It was a dinner graduation, where we got a free steak dinner. You could actually choose from steak, fish, or vegetarian. Of course I chose steak, not knowing that the name tag I would wear the entire time would have a picture of a steak showing everyone there that I'm a red meat eating kind of girl. But even cooler than the free delicious dinner, was a free hotel room. It was actually really nice, so we made a little mini vacay out of it :). And even more cool than that was Josh was chosen as Student of the Year for plumbing. He got a special framed certificate, extra pins on his name tag, and a gift card to....I can't remember, but some place where he could buy more tools. Do you know what I got at mine? A flash drive and a flash light. And we used those lights during the "Passing of the Light of Knowledge" ceremony during our graduation. We turned them on and waved them above our heads. Awesome right? The best part of my graduation? The BBQ we had on the roof of my friend, Tonya's apartment in Seattle. It's literally about a mile from Safeco field, and it has the most amazing view of the field and lots of Seattle.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

S is for Summer

S might be for summer, but it's pretty obvious that the Pacific Northwest has NOT gotten the memo that it is, in fact, summer time. It's been summer for a full week, and we've still been getting rain off and on almost daily.

But, since it is summer, that means that I'm once again on summer break. As a "blogger" (yes, I put this in quotations because I've failed miserably at blogging, haha) this means that I can resume by "blogging." As a teacher, this is a total blessing. As a substitute teacher, this is somewhat of a curse. Don't get me wrong, I love having a summer break, even though I'm no longer a student, but when you're a substitute teacher, that means no paycheck. Yikes! I guess this is where Josh and I find out how well we can budget a brand new mortgage (more on that later) on one income. Let me tell you, it'll be Kidding. It will probably suck, and we know that, but we'll work with it. Since I've been MIA for so long, let me fill you in on some exciting happenings:

I have another niece! Her name is Tylinn, and she is so sweet and beautiful. She was born in December, and we were lucky enough to make it up to Tacoma in time for her to be born and see my younger brother, Kody's giddy, tear-filled announcement that they had a girl. Kody and Emily are one of those few couples that didn't learn the sex of their baby ahead of time. Not by choice, but it worked out well.

Here's a cute picture of her, my other niece Avery, and my step-daughter Lily: The Cousins
Photo taken by Grandma A.
And a more recent one:
Photo taken by the Momma, Emily
If you're wondering whether or not a new little baby has given me the baby fever, you can put your money on "yes." Well, that's a half truth. I kind of already had it.

My other happening.....

Let's not talk about the macaroni and cheese color (which you can't really tell in this picture) with the sage green trim right now. That is definitely going to change. How soon? I'm not sure at this point. Our priorities currently are: finishing our office space, planting new grass, and finding a dining table to fill up our dining room. So for now, the painting will be put on hold. We're so excited, though, and we had an amazing realtor and amazing mortgage broker that we worked with. God truly blessed us with the people we needed to get into a house. We looked at 8 total houses, and made offers on 3, so I'd say it went pretty well! We're in a super quiet neighborhood, with good schools, and a park close by. We rode our bikes to it this past weekend. Lily kept telling us how funny it is to see adults play on playgrounds. But, Josh and I are kind of just big kids (him more than me *wink) so I think she better get used to it!

I just heard Josh pull into the driveway, so I'm going to be done for now. But, I'm planning another post, and I might just start doing kind of a theme thing for Mondays called Crock Pot Mondays. I'll explain in my post about it, so be watching for it.

I'm baaaaa-aaaaaaack blogging world! I'm also a big dork.