Monday, November 14, 2011

B is for the max!

It's amazing how much things can change in just a short amount of time. I went from being bored out of my mind (see the last post) to not having enough time in the day. Seriously, God has blessed our little blended family beyond belief. I mean really, I cannot believe it. I was writing this big, long thing about what's been going on, but decided I pretty much hated it. So, I'll give a shorter (much shorter) version of God's blessings on us this last month and a half.

First of all, I got a long-term sub job lined up before I even got on the certificated sub list. So, until March 1st, I am a third grade teacher. Then, the teacher comes back from maternity leave, and I move on to.....subbing I guess. It'll work out.

Josh passed his Journeyman Plumbing test. It's official. My husband is a licensed plumber now. Well, once he gets his license. He also has a new job. Well....I guess it's the same job, just a new company. It's a smaller company with lots of potential, and more opportunity for Josh to be successful. I'm really proud of him, can you tell? He's worked hard for a long time in order to be licensed, and he deserves all the good things to come in the future.

Also, it's looking like we can start looking for a house in the next couple of months. Our lease is up in February, and it would be by the grace of God that we can move into a house soon after that. Apartment living is just not for me. I've pretty much hit my limit of neighbors blasting techno music, ghetto cars taking over our parking lot, cigarette smoke coming in my windows, and almost zero storage space. Yep, I'm over it. Like a year ago.

But, God works in ways I would never imagine. Josh has been a leader for our household, encouraging me and trust in God that He'll take care of us. Although it's been hard (it almost always is) to give up trying to control situations, when we actually did give it all up to God, He blessed us. I went from feeling stuck in a rut, with nowhere to feeling energized, encouraged, and feeling like we have a good future ahead of us. A future within arms reach, with the help of the Lord.

So, on this 14th day of November, I'm thankful for:
-A wonderful husband who seeks after the Lord, and teaches me to do the same
-A job
-The health insurance that comes with the job (even if it's only for the short term)
-Miracles (like all of a sudden having a down payment for a house)
-A step-daughter who is teaching me how to love
-A supportive family who I can count on endlessly
-A husband who showers me with love on a daily basis, making me feel like the most special woman in the entire world.
-A baby niece/nephew who I just know wants to show his/her face in the world very soon (I hope I hope)
-Learning the hard way
-A God who will never leave me, even when my faith is small

Yep, I have a good life with so much to look forward to.