Friday, July 15, 2011

The Whimsy

My friend, Levi, has this rad band called The Whimsy. You can listen to his laid back tunes here. Last night he was playing at Pop Culture on main street. I'd never been to Pop Culture before, but apparently it's a pretty happening place (at least on this particular night - read more to find out why). The place was jam-packed full of a ridiculous amount of people. Somehow, we lucked out and got a spot on a couch! 

Not only was The Whimsy playing, but it doubled as a fundraiser for a guy named Ryan Woods, who has a cancerous tumor in his spine. I don't even know the guy, but he must be some kind of special Godly man. The outpouring of love and support for him and his family was overwhelming, even for a bystander like me. To be able to witness the kind of caring people have for him really was a blessing. He's one of those people that you know has Jesus living in his heart. You know what I'm talking about? Where you look at him and his interactions with people and think 'Something's different about that guy over there.'  It made me stop and ask myself, do people think that about me? Do they see God in me, in everything that I do? Perhaps not, but they should, and I've decided that they will....with the help of God.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, here it is. My debut as a blogger. As of yet, I'm unsure of what my purpose in blogging is or will be, but I've been feeling that "pull" towards it with each new blog I start reading. I currently have about 10 blogs that I've bookmarked and look towards daily, and a few more that I mosey on over to when my go-to's don't have anything new. Maybe I'm hoping that whatever I write about will connect with someone, anyone...even just one person. And maybe, just maybe, someone can connect with me.

Last night, when Josh got home from work, we immediately set out for a side-job he's working on. A bathroom remodel. This house reminds me of my grandparents' old house, with those old weighted wood windows and lathen plaster walls. We only worked a couple hours so that we'd be ready to put up some drywall and such on Saturday. We actually started the project a couple weeks ago, with demo, and it was so much fun! Because we'd be tearing out tiles and plaster, Josh insisted that I have a mask (not just one of those stupid white paper ones, but a legit one with filters on each side), safety glasses and my very own hammer. I tried not to show my excitement for these things that may seem silly to other 26-year-old women, but let's face it, I was ecstatic.My husband wanted me to work with him.

I absolutely LOVE working on side-jobs with him. Although Josh is the only one with professional training on such work, I like it when he teaches me how to demo and do drywall and the names of tools he needs...he even let me solder once! (Sidenote: isn't that a stupid spelling? It should totally be sodder, like it sounds.) I work hard and learn quickly (and I like to think I do a pretty decent job at the tasks he gives me). It may sound lame, but working is one of my favorite things to do with Josh. We work well together, and although plumbing is his career, he seems to enjoy remodeling on the side as well. I enjoy it too. We'd both like it alot more if we were working on our own home. Josh and I can't wait to buy our own house - a fixer-upper, of course - so that we can do our own remodeling. The more we work together on side jobs, the more anxious I get to be able to do similar things to my own house one day. But, with both of us just finishing school last month, and very few open teaching positions for me as a brand new teacher, we have some time to wait. For now, we'll live in our little apartment, and continue to dream of reaching our goals. Nothing's wrong with that.