Wednesday, July 4, 2012

W is for Wants, P is for Places

So this time, not posting on the right day is really silly, because I actually had it done a day early. Oh well.... Here are Days 4 and 5 (together).

7 Wants
1) To love and be loved.
2) To be successful. Whatever that means.
3) An office space in my house. We're working on it, and I promise, I'll post pictures of the process and finished product.
4) Green grass. Our's is currently brownish, with thousands of weeds. We're working on that too.
5) To go on a shopping spree. If only money grew on trees.
6) To be healthier. I somehow lost sight of what is important to me in the past few years: mentally, physically, emotionally. But, good news, I'm working on that too. Slowly but surely I'm getting back on track.
7) A dog. Preferably one like this:
Photo borrowed from Ivy Hill

Pretty Please?

6 Places
1) I'm currently obsessed with my neighborhood. Today my neighborhood had a 4th of July Kids Parade. There were more people in the parade than watching the parade, which made it all the more fantastic. I saw students I used to work with, the Superintendent of Vancouver Public Schools, a principal I've worked with, and my dentist - Dr. Adam, all IN the parade. I also saw the Skinner family, a former co-worker of Josh's, and many others. I think the best was Dr. Adam marching along in the parade, seeing as how he's about 7 feet tall.
2) Salmon Creek Trail is gorgeous and so fun to walk/ride.
3) Maui. I'm missing it like crazy. Josh, let's go back?
4) Seattle. We're coming up on our 2 year anniversary. Josh proposed on the lookout deck at the Space Needle, so it will forever be a special city to us.
5) The Oregon Coast. I love the beach!
6) Portland. Who doesn't love Portland? Plus, I just saw on Kathie Lee and Hoda that it has the most Happy Hours. I think that's what they said anyway. I just remember them being surprised that it was Portland and not somewhere on the East Coast. Obviously they haven't spent much time in P-town.

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Katrina said...

That parade sounds AMAZING, as does your neighborhood. The perfect place to have a family! :) I vote for YOU being in the parade next year.